Inside-Out Summer Camp

Inside-Out summer camp is a three week summer camp designed to entertain your children during the summer! You can choose from the following tracks:

SCHEDULE: (9h00-12h00 daily) Our Intensive English classes are designed to reinforce English language learning over the summer!

SCHEDULE: (9h00-12h00 daily) Our Early Childhood summer camp is 100% English immersion, taught by native English speaking certified teachers. Each week has a different theme and will prove to be exciting to your little ones!

SCHEDULE: (13h00-16h00 daily) The Afternoon Summer camp program is designed so that each week has a specific theme.

Your child will participate in one week of all sports activities, including basketball, volleyball, soccer and more!

Learn to play instruments, dance and sing with music professionals from the United States!

Through Bible camp, your child will learn about Biblical truths in a fun and interactive setting. Your child will experience games, puppets, arts and crafts, songs and more!